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Commission of the Indio Spirits, 1 little, 2 little...7 little indios!

Brave, strong, and reliable, the Commission of Indio spirits (the Indio mysteries comprised of the Indio Court and the Indio Division) are near central to the Puerto-Rican lineage of Vodou or Sanse.
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Commission of the Sailors, Set Sail!

Do you feel as if you've been shipwrecked? Maybe lost at sea? Are you confused about what course to take, or what heading to follow? Are you surrounded by pirates, be they spiritual or physical? If so, it is time to request aid from the Sailor commission. 
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Gran Bwa, Big Boss of the Woods.

Gran Bwa literally means "Big Wood," and that is fitting because as far as Loa go, Gran Bwa is a BIG loa. 
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