Gran Bwa 7-day service and consultation for any reason.

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Gran Bwa literally means "Big Wood," and that is fitting because as far as Loa go, Gran Bwa is a BIG loa. Boss of the woods and chief of the forest, Gran Bwa is a centerpiece for the Vodou of the New World. Whether Puerto Rican/Sanse, Dominican/21 Divisions, Haitian/Ginen Vodou, including Haitian secret magical societies like the Mayaka (pure Petro), Gran Bwa stands in the middle of it all. Gran Bwa resides in the Vilokan, the tremendous primordial forest of the heavenly realm of the Loa called Ginen. He is the biggest and most potent Loa in the Vilokan, keeping order both natural and supernatural.
Gran Bwa's mysteries are like his roots, deep and vast. Without him, no genuinely effective magic can take place as he holds the secrets to all the herbs, roots, branches, and leaves. He can deny someone their connection to the forces of nature and cut them off from gaining the necessary power from it. With those same herbs, roots, sticks, and leaves, Bran Gwa can make baths and washes, which will break the strongest of black magic and cleanse away all evil, or he can empower them, giving a tremendous advantage to an individual who has taken steps to earn his teaching.
Because Gran Bwa stands at the crossroad of both religion and sorcery, there is literally nothing he cannot do. All one needs to do is ask. For any reason you need, Gran Bwa is the Shade tree, Giving tree, Medicine tree, and the Hanging tree all at the same time. You tell me what you require of Gran Bwa, and we'll go to the Vilokan together to ask him.
-Papa Machete que gana todas las Batallas
The Machete leads the way and defends all who follow.