Papa Ghede Limbo 7-day service and consultation for any reason.

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Papa Ghede Limbo is Chief of Ghede nation. He is nephew to Baron Samedi and son of Baron and Baroness Lakwa. Like them, Papa Ghede Limbo is among the mightiest of magicians and healers. In our lineage of Vodou, Papa Ghede Limbo was granted the rank of 33rd-degree Master Mason. He can authorize or cease all masonic magics. He is very similar in respects to Baron Samedi, however younger and a touch more reserved. He is less likely to frequent with the more evil spirits but no less capable of handling them.

Papa Ghede Limbo mitigates and holds exceptionally high rank within the often rowdy and near-endless nation of the Ghede or the Dead. Within the Ghede nation is found the best, and consequently, the worst, humanity has to offer. The knowledge and ability to do either good or evil contained in this nation is staggering, and Papa Ghede Limbo has access to it all. 

Papa Ghede Limbo can be petitioned for anything. However, he is most often called upon in matters of healing, money, retribution, and protection. 

As a priest of Vodou and Palo Mayombe, I have to fight for justice and crush evil. I am honored to have a highly connected and influential official within Ghede Nation, such as Papa Ghede Limbo, to aid me in winning all battles. Whatever your cause, Papa Ghede Limbo is the spirit of high office you want on your side. Lastly, I will do a personal reading for you and ask Papa Ghede Limbo if he has any advice to improve your life...never does he not.  


Papa Machete que gana todas las batallas

The Machete leads the way and defends ALL who follow.