Papa Legba 7-day service and consultation for any reason.

$ 100.00

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Papa Legba is a kind and deeply beloved Loa, who serves as the guardian of the crossroads. Papa Legba opens and closes the doorways between worlds. He manages the good forces of the spirit world and helps protect humanity from the bad.

Papa Legba is an ancient loa as old as time and has traveled down all roads. He has walked the high road and the low road. Papa Legba has lived on easy street and the mean streets. He knows full well the twists and turns which lie ahead and can readily sympathize with each individual's plight. 

Ask Papa Legba to open up the good path for you and block interference from the bad. Ask Papa Legba to protect you by closing the door on calamity and evil but open the doors of prosperity and better relationships. Whatever your desire Papa Legba can open the way. Subsequently, he can also limit opposing forces that might be working against you.

As a priest of Vodou and Palo Mayombe, I must fight for justice and crush evil. I am honored to have a wily spiritual ally such as Papa Legba to help me win all battles. Whatever your cause, Papa Legba is the friend and guardian you want on your side. Lastly, I will do a personal reading for you and ask Papa Legba if he has any advice to improve your life..he generally does.


-Papa Machete que gana todas las Batallas

The Machete leads the way and defends ALL who follow.