Blackhawk, great Indio Warrior, for any reason.

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The great Sauk warrior spirit Blackhawk started showing up to my spiritualist sessions in 2015. He opened the door to the deeper mysteries of both the Indio Commission of spirits and the Indio Cordon in general. I credit Blackhawk with helping initiate me, on a spiritual level, in tandem with my initiation into Espiritismo and Sanse, Puerto-Rican Voudou.

I am proud to have his friendship and to work with his spirit for its continual elevation and progress. However, Blackhawk is willing to get his hands dirty if the cause is righteous. He can slip into the earth plane (a dimension just out of the physical one) and cause speedy effects. A force of retribution, domination, and protection, Blackhawk is exceptionally deserving of his fearsome reputation.

In addition to dominating, binding, or blocking enemies, Blackhawk can break hexes, do uncrossings, provide powerful spiritual protection, and is even a road opening spirit. Oh, and did I mention he is extremely effective for legal work? I have even located missing people with the help of Blackhawk.

With Blackhawk as my friend and ally, there is nothing we cannot accomplish, no enemy we cannot defeat, and no obstacle we cannot scale.

I keep working until the problem is solved. Generally, seven to nine days is all Blackhawk needs, but if we need to go longer, then we go longer. Blackhawk and I work for you until the job is DONE.


Papa Machete que gana todas las batallas

The Machete leads the way and defends all who follow.