Gran Erzulie 7-day service and consultation for any reason.

$ 100.00

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Gran Erzulie is the personification of love and beauty. Sweet and ephemeral, she cries for humanity's suffering, desiring all to experience love and compassion. Gran Ersulie is kind, and generally reserved but never mistake her mercy for weakness. For just as quickly as Gran Erzulie can bestow gifts of wealth and romance, she can bring utter ruin. Gran Erzulie readily protects both women and children in terrifying ways. She actively seeks retribution against rapists and gladly avenges crimes of domestic violence 

Gran Maitresse Erzulie can be petitioned for any reason. However, love, marriage, family, money, healing, and protection are her areas of expertise. 

As a priest of Vodou and Palo Mayombe, I fight for justice and to crush evil. I am honored to have a powerful Loa such as Gran Maitresse Erzulie to help me win all battles. Whatever your cause, Gran Erzulie is a regal lady you want on your side. 

Lastly, I perform personal divination for you. I ask Gran Maitresse Erzulie if she has any advice to improve your life... she likely will. 


Papa Machete que gana todas las Batallas

The Machete leads the way and defends ALL who follow.