One year of Door and Road openings.

$ 1,200.00

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Starting today, make the next 365 days (year) the best and most prosperous you can. As we go about our lives, we make a constant and steady stream of choices. Decisions, over and over again. Right turn, left turn, straight ahead, or maybe try and go backward. Sometimes we make the right choice. Other times we don't, and that can have lasting repercussions. The road we walk can suddenly become rough, cluttered, and seem to have more obstacles than ever before.

Perhaps you are noticing a lot of locked doors, or barred entrance ways. Opportunities you would like, but they seem to be just out of reach. Potential jobs that never seem to call you back. Romantic relationships that go nowhere. Money seems blocked. Worse could be that a particular type of person or situation appears to have a key to the front door of your life. They walk in where ever they want. You want this person, people, or circumstances to stop having access to you, but they keep coming in.

Its time to attend to your Doors and Roads. Papa Buen Dios, or God, gave Papa Legba the keys to human destiny. Papa Legba and the Legba Division opens, closes, unlocks, or locks our doors of fate as they see fit, or as directed by God due to our life choices and needed lessons. Papa Legba asked Ogun Balendjo and Ogun Division or Nago Division to construct the roads for human advancement. A path to travel from door to door, opening up to yet another vista. Often the roads of human progress need repair, and it is the work of Ogun Balendjo to see that it gets done.

Upon purchase, I get to work, and every month for twelve months, I go to Papa Legba and Ogun Balendjo on your behalf.

To Papa Legba, I ask that the doors to prosperity, good fortunes, health, rewarding opportunities, and spiritual advancement open for you. Also, I ask that calamity, mishap, poverty, sickness, and evil are barred from entering your life. I will additionally ask that a spirit from the Legba Division be your guide, helping you choose which doors to open and make choices in general.

To Ogun Balendjo, I ask that your roads are free from clutter and obstacles. That the path you walk is an enjoyable one. Money, love, and energy flow more unrestricted to you. Also, I ask Ogun Balendjo to appoint you a spirit from the Ogun Division to be your bodyguard while you walk the pathway of your life, chasing away any evil you may encounter or shadows that try and follow you on the road.

Every month you will see notable improvements in all aspects of your life. Take this chance to go for what you want. With the help of the spirits, this year can be the year to finish school, write that book, get that new job, start that business, etc.


-Papa Machete que gana todas las Batallas

The Machete leads the way and defends all who follow.